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N.B. - Spain said:
In this unit, I have learned the importance and the different ways to evaluate students' levels and their progress. I have also become aware of the common external exams that students may want to prepare for. A student's language level can be assessed by way of tutorials, evaluation by students using a questionnaire and by using tests. Tests are useful throughout the lesson. A placement test enables the guageing of the level of a student's English in order to place him/her in the right class . To assist the teacher to prepare lessons a diagnostic test is done which will highlight students' areas of strenghts and weaknesses. Moving on, progress tests on regular intervals will show students' learning levels and areas where more work has to be done. Finally, practice tests prepared in the same structure and dept as the external exam will prepare students for the external examination. I have also learned that there a number of general external examinations such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and a couple of other Cambridge assessment exams.