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H.S. – U.S. said:
This unit deals with the kind of approach that a teacher should have in order to be a good manager of his/her classroom. I've learnt on this point that good eye contact and good use of gestures are essential, that the voice should always have the correct clarity, range, projection or variety because the greater the variation of the voice, the greater the effectiveness. Another aspect that emerges is that also the way the teacher organizes students has its advantages/disadvantages. For example, pair and groupwork increase student talking time but sometimes could be very noisy, whole-class grouping creates a sense of belonging among the group but reduces opportunities for students to speak whereas individual work helps students to become more self-reliant but at the same time reduces possibilities for student to student interaction and group belonging. A teacher should also manage aspects such as the classroom arrangement, his/her own position (he/she should remain seated or standing according to the situation), his/her talking time (that should be kept to minimal levels) and his/her rapport with the students. A teacher should have always a positive and patient attitude even in case of disciplinary problems.