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S.H. – Sweden said:
Chapter III gave me more insight on the different language teaching methods and how there is no clear answer on which methodology is best. It depends on the individual and the students. ESA, Engage, Study, and Activate, put forward by Jeremy Harmer helped me to see the right way of constructing a classroom setting to elicit your students to learn. Elicit was also a key word in the term, Elicitation. Asking questions that will provoke the students to think is extremely important to ESA. These will help the teacher (myself) to see what the students know and need to know. I really enjoyed the ideas given for the ESA stages. For example, for the Engage stage, such as introduction prompts, memory games, I spy, and many others could be used to warm up the class before delving into to the later stages. Lesson Planning stuck out to me the most because it has been something I've been working on recently at work but in a different setting. It was great to see what a lesson plan should cover when teaching English as a second language.