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N.T. – U.S.A. said:
Unit 2, under the name of \"Theories, Methods and Techniques\", has been fully enriching for me as it has provided me with some very essential pieces of information I was not aware of before. Mostly, it concerns gaining o new knowledge regarding the chronological order of the methodologies and when and who they were invented by. This part was extremely interesting. Secondly, there are the characteristics of each one of them, both the good and the bad sides. Thirdly, the ESA concept was something completely new for me as I have not taken any kind of methodology classes before; my whole knowledge of it was and still is based on the facts I have come up with during my teaching experience (which lasts for 12 years now). And finally, but not at all, the least important, is by far the way of accurate correction of the students, in all of its directions: by the student him/ herself, student to student or by their teacher. And, of course, how to choose the most punctual way of correcting students properly. I feel so smart after this lesson, I must admit!!!