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D. M. - New Zealand said:
In this section I've learned how to teach past participle verbs. There is past simple tense and irregular verbs that can be taught with memory game or fish to help students remember the different verbs. Such as bought, or saw. Next type of past verb is past continuous that starts with was or were with the verb ending with ing. This type of verb can be taught with a journal or question game about where and when for timing to remember verb. For instance was walking, we were playing. Also, past perfect can be taught with writing excercizes using the verb with the word had. They can write stories with the verb using a sentence like I had played soccer yesterday with the kids. Finally, past perfect continuous also can be taught with writing excercizes with the verb beginning with had and the verb ending with ing. So the verb could be she had been playing with her brother. These are the different past participle verbs that can be illustrated for the students to understand the different ways the verbs are used and to distinguish between them all.