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E.L. - Romania said:
There are a wide variety of equipment that may be available at the school to aid the teacher in English activities. However, these must be used efficiently if they are to benefit the students. The white/black board is the most common and can hold students attention if the teacher is organised. Writing should be clear and legible, and important language points highlighted using a different colour. In addition, the teacher should avoid writing unnecessary information on the board, and refrain from writing too many capital letters which can make text harder to read. Depending on the school's budget, the teacher may also have access to overhead projectors, interactive screens, video cameras or computers. The equipment should be introduced at the appropriate time in the lesson in order to stimulate discussion, prompt communication activities and expose students to authentic language sources. Each student should also have access to a good dictionary that will help them to find the meaning of new words, as well as proper pronunciation and usage.