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K.W. – Japan said:
Through this unit, it is more cleared that how a correct form of ESA techniques and teacher's attitude in class can influence the effectiveness of the lesson. In lesson one, the teacher seems attending class without a lesson plan and not following the time limit of class. Engage phase in lesson one was very poor and teacher attitude is not friendly enough with the students which make students not ready to get involve in the lesson. In case of second video lesson, the students seem very interested and encouraged to participate in the activity. The teacher used a the straight arrow technique of ESA in second lesson, which enables students to go along correct understanding of the lesson and make them achieve the objective of the lesson. In conclusion, the teacher's attitude to the students in the class influence the participation of students in the lesson learning. The use of ESA methods and lesson plan helps teacher to run the class smoothly. Monitoring is necessary but shouldn't be so strict which makes students scare and uncomfortable to participate.