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H.A. -Guatemala said:
The receptive skills - reading and listening and how to excercise them in the classroom are well covered in this unit. The importance of such factors as students language level, or their interests must match up well with grammar purpose of the lesson and the variety of materials that would excercise various reading/listening skills. We need to keep in mind the slight differences between searching for a detailed, or specific information within the context and getting/deducting a general idea. Very helpful was to realise the extent to which we need to always decide if we are going to give students more freedom and flexibility in grasping the text on their own, or if we are going to excercise a more structured, appropriated (non-authenthic) text to their level. We need to keep this balance in mind when deciding. The students might sometimes need to discover the text for themselves and gain confidence, while being comfortable with the fact that they won´t be able to comprehend every single word. They need to understand that this is okay and completely natural. Teacher has to use varied texts (or audio material), using both more and less difficult ones in order to achieve this confidence in the students.