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Z.H. - Greece said:
I have learned the complexity of how modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice are shown when looking at the grammatical structure for each of them. This unit was a bit challenging as it has shown more in depth in every aspect such as the auxiliary's usage, different tenses with it's passive formation, as well as different clauses in different structure for each of them. This could be a great obstacle for students to understand the structures and the usages. Teachers are obligated to teach as much grammatical forms throughout their lessons, but it is essential that they are responsible to teach them suited in their level. Higher level students are suited to learn these kinds of grammar and even though some of them already knew, they should always review and to make things more clearer. I too, have realised that I have forgotten much of the structures and the usages, which made me feel that I would have to review and revise all the notes that I have taken and to reassure my professionalism to be high enough to teach English to the students.