TESOL West Yorkshire

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J.F. – Canada said:
Since the first time I've approached a foreign language, I've always bought a course book and every time my parents hoped the teachers used it, in order to rightly justify the purchase. Anyway I've always thought that without a course book no foreign lesson would ever happened. It's always expected and then gives security to the learners. Then a course book helps the teachers to express their planned lessons. It engages the students, it shows boxes where grammar concepts are summed up to facilitate the study and has specific activities to check students skills. However there are learners who found more intersting a lesson full created by the teachers instead of a lesson set entirely on the book. The teacher can bring to the class authentic materials like songs, videos, brochures, magazines to motivate the students to learn. On the other side learners fell more comfortable and they gain confidence on their skills. The teacher may also create materials like crosswords, gap filled activities, role play cards to improve a specific subjet or because in his/her reality students can't afford the purchase of a course book.