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S.R. - Poland said:
This unit has covered the usage of Conditionals and Direct and Reported Speech topics. This particular language point can present a great challenge to the students, and it is to be taught only to higher level students. The times that we use in different conditionals and as when we do need to use which conditional students might get quite mixed up. Most problems might arise in understanding of these conditionals, while we talk about mixing the past with the future in one sentence, such is for example the case with the second conditional. This unit offers a number of helpful practice excercises in order to get students to better understand it, e.g. chain conditionals, gap filling, split sentences, or various role-play activities of model situations. I have found the explanation of reported speech particularly helpful. There is one sentence ´I love you´ broken into sections of possible meanings and different structures. It is rather interesting to see how many meanings could be deducted from such a simple sentence in the reported speech.