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A. I. - Japan said:
This unit presented the topic of teaching receptive skills. Receptive skills are reading and listening while productive skills are speaking and writing. There are many reason for reading and listening including 'for a purpose' and 'for entertainment'. When reading and listening, we employ a few skills when we try to understand the context: we read with 'predictive' skills, 'for specific information' which is called scanning, 'for general idea' which is skimming, 'for detailed information' and for 'deductive from context'. When teaching new difficult language to students, teacher should pre-teach the potentially problematic vocabulary, and carefully select the text which are taught to students - that is selecting text according to the level and interest of the students and pertaining to the task at hand. The unit also presented tips for a successful receptive skill lessons which include: choosing material that interest students, building interest before the receptive lesson, pre-teaching difficult language, using a variety of material to practice different skills, using tasks that help students understand and incorporating activate phases that follow through from the text presented in the lesson.