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B.H. – U.S. said:
Theories, methods and techniques unit is giving an overview about the different methods about teaching and techniques we can use to make a concept for a class. There is a great deal of different teaching methodologies, and in this unit ESA has been introduced as one of the most common and the best methods.It has three stages - Engage, Study and Activate. Even though there are different types of lessons that can be created by combining those three stages, the most important thing is that every lesson should start with Engage and finish with Activate. Additionally, different techniques applicable to each of those three lesson stages were introduced.Evaluation of the knowledge, as the last point of this unis, should be designed in a way that allows student to correct his own mistakes as much as possible. Feedback about students work should be always positive as it tend to be demotivating;also corrections should be made after persons speech/activity and only during Learning stage. During Engage and Activate stage, they should be kept on a minimum.