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I have studied teaching methodologies for quite some time, and it is so important to mix up your style of teaching. One method is not enough, but you want to make sure you chose teaching methods that are comfortable to you. It has to match your personality. I learned a lot in this lesson about ESA. It is important that you include all parts of ESA to each lesson. There is a lot of creative freedom in ESA. Finally, it is very important to include corrections, but it is more important that the classroom is free of stress. This means that teachers need to find the best practices in corrections.Unit nine has been one of the most practically useful lessons thus far. This chapter discusses the reasons for developing lesson plans, as well as what to include in them. Specifically, lesson plans should serve as an aid to planning and a working document to refer to while teaching. Lesson plans are also useful for keeping track of both materials used and activities done in a class period. Through reviewing the example lesson plan and the additional task materials provided in unit nine, I feel that I have developed a solid understanding of both the processes and purposes of lesson planning.