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B.P. – U.S. said:
In order to make lessons more interesting, varied and graded for students' level the teacher may use created materials, such as: pictures, flash cards, crosswords, gap fill activities. Some authentic materials (i.e. short films, magazine articles, advertisements, songs) may also make lessons absorbing and geared to students' interests as well as encourage their confidence. Students usually expect a coursebook to be used during a lesson. A course book attracts students' attention and its content often looks encouraging. It's useful for inexperienced teachers. A course book provides ready, tested ideas for lessons and proper tasks for students. Using a course book ensures teaching according to an organised syllabus, so that students can continuously progress. Nevertheless using just course book as the only source of material may quickly become predictable and boring for the students. It may also make teachers lazy and restrain their creativity. It's not useful to use a course book throughout the lesson. A good teacher should consider which items should be replaced, supplemented or changed to make the lesson more attractive, fun and geared to students' needs.