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This unit uncovered the necessities of classroom management. As a teacher it is important to be aware of you voice, eye contact and gestures that are made while teaching. A voice should be projected so that all students can hear. Eye contact should be made to ensure that learning is taking place and to encourage students in their language learning (but not overly so that students feel uncomfortable). Gestures should be used to help students comprehend what is being said as well as to reduce teacher talk time. Also, when managing a class a teacher needs to be thoughtful in how he/she will set up her class (the arranging of chairs, desks, board, etc.). It is also important to give consideration to how activities will be organized (individual work, group work, pair work, entire group work). Finally, as a teacher you will have to manage behavior. It's important to build good report with your students, to mean what you say, and to create a relaxing, safe environment for students to learn.