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L.G. – U.S.A. said:
This unit focuses on the past tenses including four grammatical rules. It explains every rule showing its forms with regular and irregular verbs, illustrates its usages, and hints at students? errors and mistakes that might happen and how to apply effective ideas on the learners to involve them in the lesson and to teach them correctly. I learned from this unit that every past tense rule has parts which must be taught clearly to differentiate between the grammatical meanings and to make students know how and when to use them. In my opinion, the teacher should prepare and give examples about the past tenses usages and try to elicit information from the students about the meaning of the examples before starting explaining the lesson because applying the rule by giving examples, at the beginning of the lesson, prepares the students? psychologically to the expected lesson and makes them ready to receive the lesson parts more comfortably and actively. After that, the teacher should ask the students to give other examples of the rules to make sure they understood the grammar content.