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G.F. – U.S.A. said:
\"Unit 9\" mainly concentrates on lesson planning which serves a crucial role in the process of teaching, especially to inexperienced teachers. Undoubtedly, I think that all contents in previous units could be utilized in ?Unit 9? as they are the basis of lesson planning. Especially, when we get to Engage, Study, and Activate stage it becomes more obvious. At first, the importance of lesson planning is demonstrated and then some basic principles about writing an appropriate lesson plan are mentioned. Additionally, it emphasizes that teachers need to be organized before starting the lesson hence we can see some practical factors helping the teacher have an efficient teaching process. Furthermore, several vital elements should be included in a lesson plan are mentioned giving the teacher a comprehensive view of lesson planning which then comes with an example of a standard lesson format. Regarding planning a sequence of lesson, teachers should consider some factors such as flexibility, goals, revision, and variety and balance. In addition, in order to have a successful class, the teacher need to evaluate his/her lessons to improve the weaknesses and shortcomings.