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Unit thirteen was about teaching pronunciation and phonology. I found this unit to the the hardest unit so far. I do however agree with the writers that pronunciation and phonology is an important and often neglected part of teaching English as a foreign language. Firstly we looked at Intonation, which is the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence. There are three basic patterns in English. The rise/fall pattern, the fall rise pattern and flat pattern. One can teach intonation with techniques such as nonsense words and humming or singing. Next we looked at stress, being the emphasis placed on words in a sentence or syllables in a word. One can teach stress through techniques such as contrastive stress and choral work. Thirdly we looked at the phonemic alphabet. This was quite a hard section, even for a native speaker. In this section we looked the phonemic symbols and articulation. One can teach articulation through techniques such as peer diction and visuals.