TESOL Dongguan

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N.B. – U.S.A. said:
This unit focused on a topic that is essential to the classroom environment, and that is the role the classroom itself plays during teaching. Desk positions and the teacher's positions are subtle factors that play a big role in classroom management. The dynamic of the classroom can be shifted according to something as basic as desk placement, for example, if you want to have the desk arranged in a horseshoe shape (giving everyone a little more breathing room in the class) or placing them in the classic rows (which enable a classic classroom feel, something the students and teacher are familiar with). Pairing students in different groups or pairs was also a concern of mine, but this chapter helped better outline the appropriate times to use group pairings or individual works among the students. It was an even greater help to learn more about ways to reduce teacher talk time, and give more student talk time, while still maintaining the discipline and control of a class. Also, notes about how to give more effective instructions (speak clearly, use simple language and visual aids) while simplistic, really did add more clarity as to address the class before and during instruction time.