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G.D. - Spain said:
Unit 12 tackles the other two of the basic four skills; productive skills, which are speaking and writing. Speaking utilizes two activities; accuracy and fluency. I learned in the this unit that accuracy and fluency are both equally important when it comes to speaking. Accuracy activities are controlled to ensure and produce accurate reproduction of language; making sure the language is correct when they are speaking. Fluency activities allow the students to experiment and be creative with the language. What I found interesting about this unit was when they discussed the writing portion of the skills. It is true that in some cases writing is often placed together with homework and it not often implemented inside class. From reading the unit, some problems can be that they didn't do their homework assignment so they don't get to practice writing. For example, I've worked as a communication partner for ESL classes at my universities and when students are told to take their assignments out and there are a few who have not done them.