TESOL Riverton Nebraska

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This unit explains the following 7 ways of expressing Future Tense: Future Simple: I will read my book later (will/shall+ verb) Future Continuous: I'll be reading my book this evening (will + be + verb+ing) Future Perfect: I'll have read my book by tomorrow (will + have + past participle) Future Perfect Continuous: I'll have been reading my book for two hours before my son gets back from school (will + have + been + verb+ing) Going to Future: I'm going to read my book later (be going + Infinitive) Present Simple: I start reading my book tomorrow. (present simple + future time/date/period) Present Continuous: I'm reading my book later (present continuous + future time/date) Each of the above can can expressed in an affirmative, negative & question format, and can be taught to students with interesting methods such as filling in future diaries, arranging diaries, fortune telling, etc.