TESOL Dongtai

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M. A. - Italy said:
Lesson plans are generally used to map out what a teacher hopes to do during a particular class session. Lesson vary from teacher to teacher according to needs and personal preferences, from a short bulleted list of activities to a detailed plan with numerous explicit notes and time references. They may also be used as a record for what the students have studied and when, or as a guide for a new teacher taking over the class. Lesson plans are especially helpful for newer teachers who might not yet have enough experience to create a full lesson as quickly. When writing a lesson plan, one should keep in mind several things: 1) the lesson plan should be flexible enough to allow for some unexpected changes or confusions, 2) the teacher should note what his/her objective is for the learners to accomplish by the end of the lesson and also what he/she hopes to accomplish in terms of his/her own teaching, 3) the language level of the students and what has already been studied, 4) the ESA method, and 5) any problems that are expected to arise, along with potential solutions to those problems.