TESOL Durban

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C.T. - Romania said:
This unit covers parts of speech, which points out the purpose and meaning of all the words used in a sentence. The unit starts off with simpler sentences and its parts such as subject, verb and object. It gradually becomes more advance and thus the amount of parts within a sentence also increase. These parts include particles, I think the unit is very thorough and as I have previous experiences with breaking down sentences into smaller bits, I find it very similar to Swedish grammar. There are things that you do not think about when using a language and it's important to be able to explain \"why\" when someone asks you a question about a certain part of a sentence. For an example, I always knew that you say \"a uniform\", but did not know why the indefinite article 'an' wasn't used instead of 'a' since the word uniform starts with a vowel. I find it very interesting that it takes the consonant sound into consideration. Even though the English grammar is similar to the Swedish, gerundum is not a part of the Swedish grammar. Words used as gerundum have been a natural thing to me in English, but I did not know that it was it's own component within a sentence.