TESOL Steubenville Ohio

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In this unit, I found out different teaching themes that I can apply in my instructions. I learned how case study can be utilized as a tool that can provide wide array of learning opportunities for language learners. Furthermore, this authentic material can introduce more vocabulary and language structures. Frameworking can used in teaching through the process of input -> process -> and output ->. Moreover, I have learned that problem-based learning places a teacher a facilitator rather than a teacher. During the early stage, it may appear that the problem-based learning and use of case studies are same thing. I also learned how various games can be utilized in the classroom to make it more fun and create an environment conducive for learning. In choosing a form of game to be implemented in the classroom, the teacher starts with the teaching point and then think about of a game that would address the needs and concern of the students. I also learned about CALL and Speech Actt theory.