TESOL Durg Bhilai Nagar

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S.D. - Canada said:
In teaching there are 4 basic skills, receptive: reading and listening and productive, speaking and writing. Teacher should try to incorporate all of the skills in the lessons. There are two basic categories for reading and listening, for a purpose and for entertainment. There are specials skills when reading and listening depending on the expertise of the student: predictive skills are when the context is predicted before reading it, scanning skill is when the whole information is not read but we just concentrate on a particular area of the story, skimming is when the person is trying to get a general idea of the content, detailed information is when careful attention is placed on all the content. Deduction from context is when the context is deduced beyond the literal meaning of the content. In teaching English, the teacher should pre-teach difficult content prior to reading or listening during an activity. The teacher should be careful in choosing the material he/she will expose the student to, using language that is geared for their level of understanding. Authentic texts are not designed for language students, whereas non authentic texts will be more suited for their abilities. It is important to choose topics that the students are interested in so that they can participate and be able to get the most out of the practice. Getting to know the interests of each student is important to get the students involved in listening and reading material.