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Unit 8 presents the future tense along with a review of two present tense structures that can also be used as future tense. As with the present and past tense, the hardest part is learning how to explain the difference and usage of the continuous and perfect continuous constructions. The \"going to future\" structure is similar to the present continuous which accordingly to the unit can cause confusion which I agree on. But the simple difference can also be spotted by looking at the sentence to see if there is a verb after \"going to\" or not. I have an opinion about the future simple and going to future. The unit states that going to future is a choice that has been made prior to speaking of it. It does not however state that future simple can also be used as a choice prior to speaking of it, which I think it should. A statement or fact can be choice made before speaking of it, such as \"Tomorrow, I will play soccer\". which is clearly a choice that had before.