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M.X. – U.S. said:
Almost every published course book has its fans and its detractors. One can choose to use a course book or not based on how easy or complex it is. Not all schools have all the books and materials you would need for teaching. Sometimes, teachers have to create their own materials to either supplement the course book, or replace sections not suitable for the class. Materials created by the teacher are more interesting, more relevant and a welcome change from the course book for many students. These materials are divided into 2 groups - Authentic materials and Created materials. Authentic materials are not designed for EFL students because they are not graded for level and should be carefully selected. Created materials are designed by teachers to replace or supplement materials from a course book.unlike authentic materials, they are graded to the level of students. Course books have its advantages, disadvantages and its best use. There are 4 different options for the use of course books - Omit, Replace, Supplement and Adapt. Also, there are some factors a teacher will probably analyze and consider before choosing a course book for a particular class.