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P.H. - Spain said:
What I learned in Unit 9 is there are two types of materials to present to students. These materials come in all types of media from reading to videos, from pictures to conversations. They can all be grouped into one of two categories. They are authentic materials, which may be found by native speakers, or they are created materials that were designed for their age and knowledge level to help them learn English. Authentic materials are important because they can help teach students' culture. The other type of materials are Created materials. These have several advantages to them. They may be created specifically to any class. This means that students will find them both interesting and helpful. They can dovetail directly with any material the school is requiring taught. Which is good in the eyes of the school as well. I also learned that course books is important and have its own advantages and disadvantages but sometimes teachers have the discretion to omit, replace, supplement, and adapt course books. So, a lot of resources from ESL sites like the ones mentioned in the unit are a big help.