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When studying this chapter I felt that teaching vocabulary would be easy. For most activities, you can show the words through things such as pictures or charades. When studying it is easy to do things such as come up with skits or doing crossword puzzles. With grammar, however, I feel that the main part will be memorizing the uses. Once the uses are memorized it is then important to apply them in the study phase by testing out new sentences and writing them out.In this section, I had the chance to review the grammar of my own language. It was a great way to clarify different structures of a sentence such as, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc. that will be useful in a classroom. One thing this section taught me that I was previously unaware of was the use of a gerund in a sentence. I learned that it is verb but used as a noun in a sentence. For example, Riding horses is fun. Riding is both a verb and noun.