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S.G. - Australia said:
Unit Nineteen covers some specific issues that may arise with teaching special groups, such as young children, business groups, and multilingual classes. When teaching young beginners, one of the biggest issues that the teacher will face is keeping the students focused on learning English. Young beginners are often the quickest to pick up the language, but their attention spans are very short and they often get distracted by classmates and playing with their friends. It is a good idea for the teacher to begin the class with a more stern attitude to ensure that the students know the rules and what is expected of them, and then ease up as the class goes on. When teaching business students, the teacher may face a few different types of classes such as individuals, groups of business associates who are required to teach English by their company, and groups of students who take English classes in the evening simply to help their resume stand out. There will be different needs and expectations from each of these clients, and it is important to analyze and negotiate those needs on the first day of class. When teaching multilingual classes, it is important to begin the class with very structured work and some key phrases so that the students can effectively work together in the classroom. There are some challenges that come with teaching every type of class, but this unit does a great job of showing that there are many ways of overcoming those challenges, as well.