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This unit deals with the receptive skills of reading and listening.We have different motives for reading and listening.We either do it for pleasure such as reading a joke book or listening to music,or we do it for the purpose of achieving a certain goal such as reading instructions on a guidebook how to reach a certain place.A teacher should introduce a topic in the engage phase that is of interest to the students and will motivate them.She can show an excerpt from a movie of a famous actor and ask the students what they know about him,his movies and his background.In this way she engages the students and the task becomes easy for the study phase.It is important for the teacher to familiarize the students with the vocabulary that they need to know in the text.So it is up to the teacher to select the text very carefully.New words can be introduced gradually as the lessons proceed.A Patchwork receptive skills lesson would be a great start .