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G.B. – U.S.A. said:
This unit covers a variety of assessment methods mainly falling into three categories: tutorials, students' evaluating their own study process and testing. Testing is undoutedly the most frequently used way to assess a student's language level and study process. Although tests are carried out from time to time, there is a certain routine for them to take place, that is, before, during, and after the course. To be more exact, there are three kinds of tests that are supposed to be taken at the stages which haved just been mentioned. Placement tests are used by the teacher to gauge students' language level at the beginning to reasonably place them into the group whose members are at a similar level. Progressing exams allow both the teacher and students recognise students' study performance at a certain period and are quite advantagous for assisting the teacher in making or revising his/her next-step teaching plan. The last type of tests are external tests which involve a great variety of English proficiency tests. And in order to achieve a good score in external exams, students often take practice exams to get them familiar with the structure of thier target tests.