TESOL Hamamatsu

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M.P. - U.S. said:
Both receptive and productive skills are very important and should be incorporated into lessons wherever possible to have a balanced approach. There are two reasons for reading and listening; i.e. for a purpose or for entertainment. Sometimes it may be a combination of both. We should know that out should not only be able to recognize and understand words but also having total understanding from a pre-existing knowledge of the world as well. Reading and listening are not just matters of eyes and ears, but also being able to use our minds to literally understand words and process them in our 'pre-existent knowledge' to gain true understanding. A number of specialist skills are employed when reading and listening , and their understanding of the context depend on their expertise in certain areas such as being able to predict, ability to scan for specific information, skimming for general ideas on a particular content, getting detailed information and being able to deduce meaning from words and phrases. Receptive skills presents quite a number of potential problems which are in connection with the language contained in the text, the topic and the tasks the students will perform, which needs to be addressed. The key to a successful receptive skill lesson depends on the choice of materials used, building of students' interest, pre-teaching complex vocabulary, variation in materials amongst others.