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M.P. - Greece said:
Unit thirteen discusses pronunciation and phonology. Phonology includes intonation, which is the variation in volume and pitch in sentences that can predict the nature of what they are about to say. Another area is stress, which is the sentence or word?s ?strong part.? Learning how to introduce stress and intonation correctly helps students speak more naturally. Speaking naturally can also include sound joining and linked speech. The International Phonemic Alphabet (IPA) can help students with correct pronunciation. The IPA pronunciation of words is found in English dictionaries, too. It?s also important to be aware of articulation, or how sounds are produced. Different places of articulation include velar, palatal, palatal-alveolar, alveolar, dental, labio-dental, bilabial, and glottal. Off of places of articulation, there are also different manners of articulation: plosive, fricative, nasal, lateral, affricate, and approximant. Lastly, it depends on the teacher?s preference when they teach pronunciations. Some teachers take whole lessons to teach pronunciation, work it into slots of each lesson, or as pronunciation difficulties and challenges come up.