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D.S. - South Korea said:
Unit 19 introduces us to teaching special groups. These groups, here, include children and business students. As I have spent a number of years working with you children, I understand that they need frequent changes as they can become easily bored, and they look often for teacher cues as to what to expect next or possibly how to react or feel about a particular lesson. The need for a colorful, safe, and fun environment is crucial so that youngsters feel welcome and can be creative in their learning and play. What I found most helpful with learning about business student was the \"Needs Analysis.\" This presents itself much like a mock interview, a real life situation, which is optimal for a learner approaching a new environment. My learning of the Clients was enlightening, as well, since I wasn't aware of the age range, especially. I understand the pressures of work/life balance, homework, and family obligations, but notably, I didn't realize until this unit that some learners would have a lack of luster because they were sent to a class by their employers and they may very well NOT want to be there. This is where individual talks and assessment can come into play; we, as teachers, can design plans according to specific needs.