TESOL Hiroshima

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M. M. - Japan said:
This unit was exciting because it is the first time I got to come up with a lesson plan of my own. For this unit reflection, I will be going over said lesson plan. I came up with a boomerang lesson plan for eating at a restaurant. Target students ?Low Intermediate to Intermediate Engage: Ask the students to name their favorite restaurant and dish. Also, ask them to guess what their family might want eat/drink. Activate: Students role-play, in pairs, entering the restaurant and asking for a table. Then, role-play ordering a drink and meal. Take notes of students mistakes. Study: Then, write the mistakes on the board and give the students time to correct their mistakes. Give them a chance to correct their's and others mistakes. Run through the language of how to order at a restaurant. Make sure to correct any pronunciation, if other students do not. Activate: Run another role-play game and let the students first, practice with their partner, and then in front of the class. They should have corrected any of their mistakes from the previous Activate stage in the Study stage.