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G.Z. – U.S.A. said:
Unit 20 is the final unit of the course. This unit covers potentially common problems that teachers who teach English as a foreign language are likely to encounter. Common problems include first lessons, warm-up activities, students of different levels, large classes, use of the students? native language, reluctant students, and difficulties with listening to texts. This unit was extremely short, but I found it enjoyable. Although I understand the reasoning behind not using the students? native language I have to disagree. I primarily teach elementary school children. Many of my lessons must come from the school?s textbook, and a lot of the activities within the textbook can be a bit confusing. Even if I use short sentences and gestures to explain the instructions, the students are at such a low level of English that they still may not understand. In order to keep everyone moving and to keep everyone from becoming frustrated, I will repeat my instructions with key words from the native language if I feel that the students are still confused. This method has worked well for me.