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I found this unit very interesting because of how schools in todays society are set up. With ever changing societal values taking place our school systems try to keep up. The newest technology can now be found in many classrooms that provide a great resource for many teachers and help to engage students or keep them participating. However, we must be careful not to fully rely on technology because there are many cases where it chooses not to work. As well, learning who to use this new technology is a huge struggle for some teachers so informational classes should be provided upon request.This section specifically describes parts of speech. For teacher it is essential to be familiar with the parts of speech, because it helps to describe grammar rules. At certain level students should know them too, because learning new tenses or grammar structures would be much easier for them with basic knowledge of parts of speech. For instance, foreigners, when it comes to using articles correctly, find a lot of difficulties when they don't know particular rules and examples. For ESL students grammar and parts of speech are absolutely essential to start speaking fluently and accurately.