TESOL Jiamusi

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P.H. - Thailand said:
The groups of language learners vary tremendously. Therefore, it is necessary to use a constructive, creative and individual approach with each group. The varied roles that teachers play have a direct impact on the learning process and satisfaction of the students. This unit has covered five main group cathegories that we may find ourselves to be teaching. It has presented us with examples of the different groups vary and what qualities and skills we should employ in order to give out an effective teaching. To be creative is nevertheless a good way of providing our students with lessons that are fun and enhance their motivation and this is true for all groups. There are, however, other issues that we might need to consider, such a concentration span, which is different in a children group than it is in the business class, or a discipline/peer pressure problems. We would normally devote more time and use more detailed activities with adult learners as we would do with children. With children it is necessary to use more activities of various kinds and more games/songs/extra visual aids than it is necessary with adult lessons. It is also quite something else to teach in a multilingual class, which presents us with the advantage of English being a common shared language as it is to teach monolingual. This unit places a great emphasis on the different roles and approaches that the teachers have to employ in each individual case.