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K.B. – Germany said:
This unit covered possible coursebooks and lesson materials a teacher might use in an English teaching class. The two main types of materials are authentic and created. Authentic materials vary from TV shows, magazines, newspapers, radio shows, etc. These types of materials are beneficial because they are usually more interesting to students. Created material are fabricated by the teacher and tend to be a more creative option then the classes coursebook. These include crossword puzzles, flashcards, gap fill activities, etc. A very common used material is a coursebook. Some advantages and disadvantages arise when using coursebooks for example it provides a syllabus that can be graded to the level of the students but overuse of it could prove boring. To overcome any of the given disadvantages that could arise when using a coursebook a teacher could omit, replace, supplement, or adapt to any of the written material in it. Finally when deciding on which coursebook is the right fit in the class a teacher should take into account many factors including design, difficulty, teachers guide, methodology used throughout, etc.