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The unit covered the different modal auxiliary verbs and their usage and function in the English Language. It also emphasized on their tense usage and form. It included great and fun teaching ideas that would grab students' attention and help them understand the modal auxiliary vers. The other part of the unit was phrasal verbs which included different the types of phrasal verbs, how to indentify them and use them. There was an overview of the active and passive voices with the forms that each verb takes depending on the tense.This unit was more challenging then I originally predicted. Parts of speech can be complex. Without fully understanding each part in its self, as well as combining them into sentences with the correct structure and wording influences the way in which I would teach and speak. It has taught me dynamic ways which I can apply to my own work. New parts of speech were introduced in this unit which shows me that I can grow constantly in my teaching and in the English language. Learning is a constant for students as well as teachers.