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Placement tests include reading, writing, speaking and listening. This test helps place students in certain classroom levels. The test begins with easy questions and moves to harder questions. Diagnostic tests reveal the student's strengths and weaknesses. It indicates the students aptitude and whether they will be able to learn new material. It also allows us to focus our planning on their gaps in knowledge. The progress test includes testing reading, writing, reading and listening. It is often required. It use different time frames and is useful because it shows the class' weaknesses. The practice test is used of revision purposes and both internal and external exams. It should be like a real exam. External proficiency tests include General, business and academic english. The Cambridge suite has 5 levels of exams and it is mainly for people who have moved to Britain and want to speak English. The TOEIC covers all four language learning skills and is mainly for employment. And, the TOEFL is used by universities as an entry level requirement.