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The two videos in this unit were very useful for me to help me understand what a teacher with a good attitude looks like in the classroom. It was interesting to notice that a large part of the difference between the first and the second videos was simply the attitude of the teacher. In the first video, he was not understanding: he spoke at a pace that is too fast for students at that level; he assumed the students knew terms that many native speakers do not even know; he did not smile at all, but had a grimace on his face the entire time; and he did not give instructions in a clear, understandable manner. The second video was much better: the teacher's attitude was improved, and he had a smile on his face as he was teaching the students. He genuinely wanted his students to learn the material, and was making efforts to make sure that happened. For me as a teacher, I think the most important thing is to have a desire for the students to learn, and to let this desire affect the way I organize and the manner and expressions that I use when I teach.