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I have learnt about tenses in general and more specifically present tenses. By unerstanding the 4 present tenses and their usages i will be able to part better knowledge to my students than before and will be able to predict student errors more accurately.To be able to predict errors helps me to devise suitable drills in advance for during the study phase after giving students there feedback. I am particularly excited to experiment in my class with the Activate phase teaching ideas. I am looking forward to my students' reaction.This unit listed different types of teaching aids and resources and their applications. While the chalkboard is certainly the most iconic of teaching aids, there are a wide variety of tools at a teachers disposal that each have their own advantages and disadvantages. A mixture seems the best way to teach as study related tools such as worksheets are effective, they can be boring after a wile and cause students to lose focus. Balancing worksheets and board work with visual aids and videos keeps students both learning and engaged.