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One of the most daunting things about teaching is planning the lesson, and this unit helped organize three different factors (grammar, vocabulary, and function) and showed how to lay out a successful lesson for each. It is helpful to know which types of the ESA framework work best for each one. Thinking of the grammatical structure as the trunk and the vocabulary and functions as the leaves is a useful analogy because they are very important but would be nothing without some grammatical structure to hold it together.This was about present tenses in the English Language and how best to teach them to students. Learning the different verbs reminded me of Spanish class in High School. I think teaching about tenses will be one of the most challenging parts of teaching English, because they can be difficult to explain. What makes it harder is the students not having a good grasp of English. This lesson helped me remember the difficulty of learning a language and I look forward to the challenge of passing these truths onto my students.