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There are a number of different teaching aids and materials that can be used in the ESL classroom. These include the whiteboard, which is one of the most common and widely used tool. A IWB, which is expensive and not as common in developing countries. The OHP which is still common even with increasing use of computers. Visual aids, worksheets and work cards, the cassette recorder - although this aid is increasingly less common and outdated. CD players are common, although the increasing use of computers has meant digital recordings and music is replacing CDs. Videos, DVDs and video cameras are also useful tools in the classroom, and are proven to be highly effective in engaging a class and challenging students. Dictionaries, coursebooks and resource books (with the help of photocopiers) are some of the most tried and tested teaching aids, which provide materials for both teachers and students to work through. Computers and online sources are increasingly popular and accessible, and can access boundless information to students and teachers.