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In Unit 5, \"Managing classes\" is about how to make a Teacher's life more easier while teaching. It's about using your language as simple as possible so your students would have a better understanding. It's very important to create a bond with your class. All students should pair equally. Use your student's names when organising an activity, to indicate who is to answer the question, get the atention of a student. Smile, be self-confident and the students will definetly feel that. Show personal interest in the students and look as you enjoy the job you do.Classroom management is as important as teaching itself. In fact I strongly believe effective teaching to a large extent depends on the teacher's ability to manage the classroom. The sitting position of both the teacher and the students; When to use gestures in order to reduce teacher's talk time to create more opportunities for students' talk time; establishing rapports; Giving instructions in class etc. This unithas extensively demonstrated various effective classroom management techniques and has provided options that suit different classroom situations.