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The chapter talks about the four aspects of the past tense: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. The \"sample activate stage teaching ideas\" are especially inspiring, since although it's easy to simply \"give out\" the form and usage to the students, it requires carful thoughts and preparation to help the students practice the grammar effectively. I especially like the idea of interview role-play and the detective game, where several aspects of the past tense grammar can be used in conjunction in one interesting activity.When aids are used properly, I find them to be very helpful as a student. They make a class more interesting and mix things up. They also give a more real world feel to certain situations. I personally do not like overhead projectors because you have to make the room dark to use them, and they always made me feel sleepy. And when a teacher would block parts, I kind of found it annoying and lazy. I'm not sure this is a fair assessment, but that is how I felt as a student. 'Oh, this teacher is too lazy to do the lesson for us'. Just my personal reaction.