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Building rapport is one the of the most critical aspects of involving a class. First impressions are often the most lasting, and it is very difficult to overturn an unfavorable impression. The instructor in the second video did well by introducing himself by name and then learning and calling out to students by their names. I do wonder if it is more appropriate for teachers to introduce by their last names rather than the first, but that may be more based in context and culture. I would need to determine if that is an appropriate attitude for teaching in South Korea from my superiors.This unit provided a comprehensive overview of past verb tenses in the English language. I found the detailed explanations of when each tense is appropriate to be very helpful, as these rules and distinctions are not easily verbalized by a native English speaker, though they are used without second thought. Reviewing this unit, I understood how a non-native English speaker might become quite confused with the different tenses and their usages, but providing specific examples of activities and teaching methods provided clearer ways to demonstrate, explain, and practice each past tense.